Product Review! Handheld Tripod

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So last night I had the privilege of speaking with a wonderful group of small business owners, artists and women about blogging and vlogging. We had a wonderful time sharing ideas and learning from each other. I shared with the group my favorite tool that I use, which is a handheld tripod made by Yunteng.

I am really impressed by versatility of this tripod. It telescopes up to three different levels. It can can be used as a selfie stick or a tripod. I have used it for both and it works great! Keeps my camera (phone) steady!

I also really appreciate the bluetooth remote control. What a blessing! No more editing out my trying to very ungraciously trying to stop the video. Just end with a smile and we are good to go!

The best part?  It fits in my briefcase or purse!  it all fold up into this little bag and I carry it with me wherever I go! It’s amazing!

This tool is AMAZING and makes creating my videos stable and smooth not shakey! I wanted you to have the link as well in case you were interested in upping your tripod game. Let me know what you think!

Here is the link to purchase your own beyond cool tripod.