Friday Favorites

What a fabulous week!

I have had a wonderful week! Here are some of my favorites of this week:

My students and I were able to get to my favorite Lilac Festival this week and we had WONDERFUL time! It is a staple of Rochester, New York culture as this festival kicks off the local festival season. If you haven’t attended, you need to make it part of your plans this weekend! Be prepared to walk a bit and be tempted by all of the delectable scents from not only the lilacs but the vast array of food vendors.

My favorite book of the week is “A Widow’s Walk” by Marian Fontana; A widow’s account of the events of 9/11. My boss lent me her copy of the book and it is heartbreakingly sad.  It’s real and raw and gives me all kinds of feels. 


My wonderful week has been filled with many hours of homework (more on this later) and work so I will leave my favorites at just two for now. I am grateful for so much more and for you being with me. Have a great weekend and let’s talk more next week.