10 Ways to Stay on Track and Reach Your Goals

Is there a goal you are trying to reach? A business you are trying to create? An ideal life you want to pursue? How are you working towards that? Is real life getting in the way? Do unexpected road blocks pop up more often than not?

I venture to guess that even though you have a plan, (whether in home or in business), it doesn’t always go the way you expect it to. I have been there. I think we all have. Keeping focus and staying on track along the pathway to your goals requires flexibility. This adaptability is a must have travel companion. The path you plan for may not be the one you ultimately take, so it is important to remember the end game.

What do you ultimately want to work toward?

In the end, it doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you do it with integrity, and as ethically, responsibly as possible. Ultimately you need to do what serves you and your life the best.

It is important to trust that whatever you do you will wind up exactly where you are supposed to be. By not trusting we create doubt and ambiguity. We lose focus and get lost along the way. That’s no way to go after your dreams!

Creating an action plan that you can navigate (thus navigating your plan) for your business or your personal life is the last element in my “I CAN” productivity tool. Time is wasted when we aimlessly wander. Distractions creep up and grab our attention away from our goals or endgame. You CAN reach your destination so much easier if you have a clue as to where you are going and how you may want to get there.

Amusing Story Alert.

Case in point:

My brother and his beautiful family have lived in Virginia for over 25 years. My family and I travel the 10 hour trip about once a year, sometimes more. I know how to get there and back. I am able to tell you where the good gas stations are located, the good eateries to stop at, and where all of the clean rest stops are along the way to and from our homes. I no longer need a map. I do not need a GPS. I am fully aware of the quickest route to get there and back. One might argue that the trip is automated now.

Several years ago, my husband decided that on the return trip home from seeing my brother and his family, we were going to take a different route home. He said he grew bored of the typical route and wanted to take a different way home. Now this idea had great potential. I am always up for an adventure. Had we sat down and made a plan on how to get home we could have embarked an amazing journey. Needless to say we did not create a plan and  there was nothing amazing about the journey. It turned into a disaster.

Imagine, if you will, a small sedan packed to the rim with suitcases, diaper bags, a pack-and-play, a cooler and countless toys, blankets, etc. We packed everything you needed to have for an 18-month old and an infant. A breastfeeding infant, even. When I asked how we were getting home, he responded, “I figured I would just head north.”

[Insert the strongest eye roll game ever here.]

Those were not the directions I was used to and not the answer I was looking for. I had a feeling just head north would get us into trouble.

I was right. Go figure.

It was by far the WORST trip of my life. We ran into a horrific snow storm. Diapers ran out about two-thirds of the way home and we couldn’t find a convenience store to purchase more. We wound up in Trenton, New Jersey! Not once, but twice. Trenton is nowhere near where we lived. Hours later, after dear, sweet, adventurous husband asked me to “read the map” in the dark, while breastfeeding, we wound up in Trenton again. I am not even joking. Nineteen long hours later we finally made it home.

While we did make it home, it was not without many arguments, much frustration and many scary moments of slipping and sliding on icy roads. The point of this story is we should have mapped out our new journey before we ventured into uncharted territory, mapped out benchmarks, laid out places to stop and reevaluate. Sure, there still would have been a snowstorm, but we could have made arrangements for hotel accommodations if needed. We could have also said, “when we get to this point of the trip, we can hop back on the route we know especially if this one isn’t working.”

It was a total travel bomb, but we learned so much.

 Go with your gut instinct and keep your eye on the destination.

The other side of this scenario is that you overplan, you get overzealous with your ideas and get upset when you don’t hit the mark in YOUR time. The ideal situation is to have flexibility and appreciate that at any moment things could go not as planned. You need to be able to say, “things will work out; I am still reaching my goal; I am still getting to where I need to be.”

I’m going to be honest … I am not a huge fan of business plans. I am more of an action plan kind of a girl, which is similar to business plans only there is more doing, than projecting. Not having any plan is the same as sitting in the middle of the ocean watching the world go by. That doesn’t really work now does it?

When you are feeling like the process is out of your control, check in with yourself, evaluate what you are doing and answer the following questions honestly.

10 Questions to ask to stay on track and reach your goals.

  1. Am I following my dreams? What is my overall vision?
  2. Do I know where I am headed? Do I have an endgame in mind and all of the possible plays ready?
  3. What am I planning for and why is it important?
  4. What are the goals I need to accomplish in order to see my vision actualized? {Be as detailed as you need to be. You may want to transfer this eventually to an actual journal or word document so you can track your progress.}
  5. What actions do I take each day that keep myself on track, that keeps me on the road that I am navigating as a pioneer? In my book Need More Time? I CAN Help! I talk about as entrepreneurs we are all pioneers. As a pioneer you are probably doing this blind, as you are the one creating the trail. What am I doing to make sure I have the destination in sight?
  6. Am I checking in with my goals? How often?
  7. Am I creating ways to build my business, my team, my network? What are they?
  8. Am I checking with myself to see if  I have knowledge and skills to pursue a certain route or opportunity? Are there any that I have identified that could be pursued?
  9. Is what I am doing today getting me closer to where I want to be tomorrow?
  10. What is in my schedule that is not serving me? How can I turn that around so that my schedule is working for me and not against me? Am I being intentional with my time? Am I using my time purposefully?

This navigation activity will keep you focused and on target and out of the typical expected start up business and relationship failure statistics. Checking in with yourself and honestly looking at the answers to these questions will help you stay on track and reach your endgame. You CAN be the master of your goals!

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Not having a clear direction of where to begin or what direction to go in is even harder. You CAN do this. Implementing the I CAN Method into your daily business life will transform your confusion to connectivity, lead you from dismay to direction and propel your day into productivity.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs to create an action plan to reach their goals. If I can be of service please let me know by emailing me at Christine@ccbakermarriage.com. I would be honored to help.