You’re on TIMEOUT

You’re On TIMEOUT!

I love it when my kids tell me that I am on TIMEOUT; and all five of them have at one point or another.  

It is a great concept but as an adult we rarely take the time to treat ourselves to a break, a little respite or even time to breathe.  

I met a lovely woman this week, a ray of sunshine really, named Gloria.  While we were meeting an alarm went off every 20 minutes.  It wasn’t an obnoxious alarm but a series of melodic tones that left just as fast as they came.  After a few rounds of these, she offered the explanation that it was to remind her to breathe.  

Just breathe! Inhale deeply. Exhale deeply, then carry on about your business.

happy placeBRILLIANT.  

THIS can be my timeout.  I don’t have to wait until Self-Care Sundays in order to take a timeout…I can do this every 20 minutes! How refreshing! How exhilarating even!  

In my Apple app store I found this Repeat Timer App. For Android users I found these.  I have only used it for a few rounds and so far, LOVE IT, but that may be the new relationship kind of love.  I will update you on Sunday.

How fantastic will it be to be reminded to breathe? Or prompted to get up from your computer and walk around? Or encouraged to get some fresh air? Try it with me and let me know how it goes for you. Enjoy your TIMEOUT!