Today is the Day!

Today is the day!

Today is DAY ONE of anything you decide to do.

I posted a week or so ago about how there are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them.  Still true. someday-isnt-one-of-them

I woke up today with that running through my head. I felt inspired to jump into projects that I have been putting off and blogs I have in queue but are only half written.  It might just be that NOVEMBER is chasing me down and the end of the year is approaching or it may just be that it is…




I am going to go with the latter of the two.

I will admit that taking on one more “thing” seems nearly impossible, but then I remind myself what I tell my clients….”Anything is possible with enough planning and strategy.”  That…also still true. 

Ok…point taken…so let’s do this…let’s jump.


I bet you understand…you get me…we are busy professionals, trying to make a living AND a difference. We also have families that we feel called to do more than just house and feed. I am right there with you and totally get it. I have the three businesses and five kids kind of getting it. But then I keep coming to the statement that also was running through my head this morning:

There is a lot that we can do, especially together.

So today, my friend, is the day.

Today I am starting a blog and a Facebook community called Bizy Moms Can.

This has been on my heart for years.  I have, like many women, wrestled with keeping the family happy and then keeping the customers happy then feeling like I contribute to the finances (and have it not just be a hobby) and then keeping me happy and then…well you get the idea! I wanted to create something for moms that own a business (or two), who also have a family and struggle with how to balance it all.

My goal in creating Bizy Moms Can is to bring strategies, inspiration, relief, camaraderie and overall hope that, as a “Bizy” mom, you really CAN do it all.

We really CAN have goals and reach them!

We really CAN take care of ourselves and not feel guilty about it.

We really CAN be successful in our businesses.

We really CAN be successful in raising and nurturing our families.

We CAN do anything we put our minds to.

Yes we are busy.

Yes we own business(es).

Yes we have families.

And YES “Bizy” Moms Can do EVERYTHING!

I am pumped that we are doing this together.  Let’s stay connected as we share this journey together.  Follow me on TWITTER or join my FACEBOOK Group.  I hope today rocks and remember that TODAY is yours to choose on how to make it great!  You CAN do it!   

Hugs and love to you.