Thriving Thursday Tip #8


I am making my way to Portland, Maine on a rainy road trip with a friend and colleague where I will be spending the next 4 days learning all I can about business development. I am excited to learn interesting and unique information from the presenters. Learning of course doesn’t happen all at the conference or the classes. I learn just as much from socializing with the fellow attendees. Looking forward to all of it!

The point is that if you attend an online webinar, take an in person class, read an interesting article in or out of your field or even attend a conference – NEVER STOP LEARNING. It creates an intentional pause in your day to day automated life, where you can nurture your brain, further your expertise, create new connections and grow closer to your vision and goals.

What do you want to learn more about? I can’t wait to share with you what I have learned this weekend!