Thriving Thursday Tip #111

TIP #111: Always offer your customers and clients the best way to interact with you.


NewsletterSharing ways for people to get a hold of you is a no brainer. You have to do it. You want business, people have to be able to get a hold of you right? However, you are asking for trouble  when you arbitrarily hand out your email, phone, skype, twitter, instagram and Facebook handle Your client will contact you anyway they have to grab your attention and at any hour.

A simple, “FOLLOW me on social media but INTERACT with me through email” will clearly draw where your boundaries are.  

Email for me is the best way to remain connected, because trying to talk on the phone with five kids and two dogs is near impossible. Email is best for me, but may not be for you. Do what is best for you! 

Also, let them know when you typically will respond back to them. Response time should be within 48 hours and during work hours. We all know that you work into the late hours of the night but your clients don’t have to. They will come to expect you to respond if they know you are available.

Creating unique connections is what helps to set you apart but you don’t have to be accessible in any other hours other than business hours. Having boundaries is a way to project your much deserved downtime. If you need strategizing what connecting portals would work best for you, shoot me an email. I am always happy to help!