The Key Piece to your Business Structure

I have been talking to a lot of colleagues recently about their business lull.  Business for them hasn’t seemed to pick up since the holiday rush and they can’t seem to figure out why.  It’s a common theme that I hear it a lot amongst my coaching clients as well; not enough people walking through that door.

So my question to them is this.  “Do you have the Key Piece to your business structure in place?”  Inevitably they say well I might try “this”…or I could be doing more of “that”.

That’s not what I asked, so I ask again.

“Do you have the Key Piece to your business structure in place?”

100% of the time their response is, “What even is that?”  Simple….a plan.

A Plan.  A goal without a plan is just a dream

A good majority of the time, my colleagues or coaching clients trip over themselves as they explain away how they have a plan but they get sidetracked or not sure really where it might be. Really?  The other part of the time they just shrug their shoulders and say, “No, no i don’t.”

It’s okay, own up to it…don’t be ashamed that you don’t have one.  We weren’t necessarily trained in school to have a solid plan and even learn how to follow one, work it and adjust it as needed. So now is the time to go out and get one!

Everyone should have a plan!

Whether it is for expanding your social media presence, adding hours to your existing schedule or opening up an additional office.  A plan is your roadmap to success.  It is a way for you to stay on track when life happens.  Life will give you hiccups.  A plan will help keep you on track when those hiccups occur.

It will also help you connect the dots on where you are headed.  So often we got caught up in the day to day duties of business and life that we forget to evaluate the plan,  let alone work the plan.

Additionally, having a plan in place will make you more effective when you manage your business.  60% of your time spent on your business is managing it.  60%!  Having a plan that you can follow will make the time spent on managerial tasks (marketing, etc) more efficient, which will lead to more time that you can spend on clients.  What does that translate into?  More revenue.

80% of us will fail.  

That is alarming to me!  8 out of 10 of new business owners will fail within the first 18 months.  What is among the top five reasons given for that failure?

LACK OF PLANNING!  Creating a plan will create a roadmap to success.  If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t know how to get there and could be missing a lot of interesting viewpoints along the way (successes, learning experiences, opportunities).Make-Time-to-Plan-300x200

How do you even think about planning?  GREAT QUESTION!

  1. BRAINSTORM.  What is your ideal outcome? Don’t be afraid to dream BIG!
  2. CREATE A PLAN based on answers to some key questions.

I created a list of questions, {A Planning Guide} that you can download here, that help me create a plan when I am floundering like a fish out of water.

FYI…A fish out of water is a fish without a plan!

Some important points you want to keep in mind when planning are:

  • Does my plan match my mission and message?
  • What will be the steps necessary to create success?
  • Do I have organizational systems in place that will be able to handle a new plan?
  • What are measurable benchmarks that will define success?
  • How often do I evaluate the process?  

These questions and so much more can be found here in my Free Planning Guide.  Use it!  I want to make your business life easier!

When you want to create growth in your business, you need to formulate a plan to do so and these questions will help create that formula.  It is totally free…my gift to you because I get how scary, frustrating and overwhelming it can be to want to achieve great things but have no clue how to get there.

As I publish this blog, I am still recovering from a string of health issues…going on 4 months….which is rare for me. I never get sick or have health issues so having issues for this long has really messed up my life AND especially my business routine.  What saved me was WORKING MY PLAN. I could easily fall back on the plan, even on the days I was at my worst. I was able to utilize what I had in place and still move along my roadmap, albeit a little slower.

Why?  Because I had a plan.  

Download my FREE Planning Guide today and get started on your plan – your key piece to your business structure.

If you need help creating a plan or just want help brainstorming, I am the Queen of that.  Schedule a Complimentary “Power Boost” Session with me and let’s get you on your way towards much deserved success!

Thank you again for spending time here with me today. I wish you much success and happiness in all that you do today and in the future. Take care and talk to you real soon.