Staying on Track in Summer Hours

 Are you excited by or dreading the new summer pace?

Even though the weather has already warmed up, I still get downright giddy on the first day of summer and love all that it means. To me it signifies a break from the routine of school, more opportunities to reconnect with myself, my children and family/friends and a chance to change up my pace. Not everyone feels that way and that’s okay! I can offer some strategies to help you manage the next few months.

Many corporations turn to summer hours at this point as well and offer the same benefits; break from routine, more opportunities to reconnect and a pace change.

But is this change of pace effective to work life and home life? It can be! It all comes down to how you decide to spend your time.

You know that I am fascinated about time and our relationship with it. In my new book, Need More Time? I CAN Help Turn Busy into Productive, I talk about the four pillars of productivity and how utilizing this structure and building upon them can actually increase your productivity and offer you more time in your day. Don’t we all want more time? I DO…especially during the summer.

I have  a list of a few strategies that can help you stay on track this summer. You CAN have a flexible change of pace and still be effective. Check them out:

Strategies to Stay on Track in the Summer

  • Schedule important meetings, appointments and work time first. These scheduled times should be things that cannot be changed or that are hard to obtain (certain doctor/dentist appointments).
  • To counterbalance these devoted work times, schedule the same amount of play time – but ACTUALLY schedule it. This isn’t free time, this is purposeful play time. No one is ever too old to have some good ol’ fashioned play time such as picnics, kayaking, amusement parks, camping, movies, hiking, kickball, cards with a partner, etc. The possibilities are endless – just do what makes you happy!
  • Create new morning and evening routines. With the new season and the end of the school year, I change up my morning routine and actually wake up even earlier than I normally do. There is something about that summer sunrise that breathes so much life into my day. I make sure that I am up for it as much as possible. With the lack of rushing to catch the bus off my morning plate, I relish in the added freetime in the am hours as the kids usually sleep in. I get so much more work done, my workout in and the house picked up by the time anyone is up. It is a great start to any summer day. Having those extra hours front loaded into my day allows me to be flexible with the rest of the day. I usually am able to get all of the important to dos done so that the rest of the day and into the evening can be flexible (minus any meetings or appointments) and my evening routine can occur or not depending on where life takes me. The point is to set yourself up for a successful day right from the get go.
  • Create a bucket list. I created on for the summer of 2017. Nothing crazy…but things I know will make me happy and that I will consider a successful summer if accomplish most of them. You can check it out here. A bucket list serves as a plan or a way to navigate through the summer boredom. You can insert some of your bucket list items into pockets of free time in your schedule to keep you on track.
  • Be Flexible! Life always gifts you will unexpected presents; illnesses, last minute meetings, babysitter problems, issues at the office. It’s all okay. With longer daylight hours during the summer, there seems to be more opportunity to live a little more and fit a little more in. So be flexible with the unexpected. You will fit it all in.
  • Take time JUST for you. With any change in schedule, even if it is a good one, it can be stressful. Even good stress is still stress. Make sure you are taking care of you! Go for those walks, alone. Read that book, alone. Take that nap, alone. You get the idea. Just make sure that you are taking care of you and replenishing your energy as well.

I am so excited about what the summer holds for you and me! What are you summer plans? How do you manage the change of pace and still get things done? I would love to hear about it! You can email me or leave a comment!  HAPPY SUMMER!