Public Speaking

Finding More Hours in Your Day.

Do you find yourself searching for more time in your schedule? We all have!  

In this lecture, I will discuss the four key areas in work and in life that are the biggest time suckers that leave us drained, overworked, frustrated and unproductive. 

We will talk about strategies on how to conquer those areas and a foolproof plan on how to prioritize our time, energy and goals moving forward. You and your audience will leave with ways to become effective and efficient with your time so you can be more successful and productive and ultimately add more hours to your day to spend as you see fit. 

Interactive Lecture Time: 90 minutes

Setting your Sights on the Future - Effective Goal Setting

We all have things we want to accomplish, whether they are bucket list items or visions that we feel called to carry out. How do we efficiently and effectively navigate the path to accomplishing our goals and realizing our visions? 

In this lecture, we talk about how to create a plan based on overall priorities and visions and strategize ways to ensure success.

Interactive Lecture Time: 90 minutes

How to Live an Extraordinary Life

You no longer have to wait in order to live an Extraordinary Life. You can start now! 

In this lecture, we will discuss ways to jump into your extraordinary life right now. We will also strategize what is lacking in your work life or your home life that is creating the lackluster feeling of your current life.

Interactive Lecture Time: 60 minutes

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