My I CAN Method

You and I are going to talk about one of the systems that I have developed called my Motivational Management System. This is unlike any system I have ever created and I am really excited to share it with you.

All systems are developed out of necessity and this one is no different. I created this system so that I could keep all my businesses and my family on track. If you read my bio in my about page, you can imagine that my attention strays easily. There were often times that I was so spun around that I didn’t know which way to go or what to do first. As you know that is a death trap for small businesses. So this motivational management system serves two purposes

  1. Provides motivation to myself to get out of my own way AND
  2. Serves as an instant to do list providing me direction when I am lost. I can easily check these four things off and I know that I have made progress in my business and in my life each and every day I use this system.

I am going to share this system with you because I want to provide you an avenue of value that you can take with you and know that you CAN make a difference. You CAN accomplish great things. Once you learn this motivational management system, you will be able to pick yourself up out of being overwhelmed, frustrated, maybe even feeling like what on earth am I doing…, you will now be able to say I AM capable, I CAN kick some ass today, I CAN do this.

That is why I named the system…the I CAN METHOD.

Okay are you ready to learn it?

I love ACRONYMS…..remember the planet one…My Very Educated Mother…etc.

Well that is what I did with this system…

I wanted to incorporate something that was easy to remember, something to keep me motivated, something to keep me focused and also managing the top 4 aspects of small business where owners are most deficient.

Lets take a look at the top four reasons why 98% of entrepreneurs will fail in the first five years.

  1. Burnout
  2. Lack of unique connection to your customers or clients
  3. No systems in place
  4. No direction or action plan

The I CAN METHOD that I am going to share with you will solve all of that and then some.

First, I want to share with you the inspiration behind this management system. Believe it or not it started when I was 8. My godparents who lived just down the street came over for dinner. This wasn’t a rare occurrence…. But I remember this dinner in particular because of the conversation that we exchanged. My Godfather was taking a new job and would be moving out of state. My father had just been promoted in his job as well, so there was a lot of talk about careers and moving up and creating a better life experience etc. In an effort to include me in that conversation, my Godfather turns to me and said….

”So what do you want to do when you grow up?”

I could feel the answer coming from the tips of my toes and then I suddenly blurted out, “EVERYTHING, I want to do everything”.

My parents and godparents exchanged a glance that for an 8 year old felt like just as long as waiting to be picked last for dodgeball in PE. I am sure it was only a half of a second, but after their eyes locked they burst into laughter.

They were laughing at me. My Godfather then proceeded to say, “Oh honey…You can’t do everything”.

The heat and embarrassment that came over me was almost too much and I came so close to running out of the room.

But I didn’t.
I stayed.

The same gumption that came from my toes just moments earlier prompted my response to him and with tears in my eyes, I replied…”Oh yes I CAN, WATCH ME”.

What is curious to me is that this word CAN that I used in my response is so insanely powerful. It is motivational. It has brought me through ALL of my darkest times and ALL of my triumphs.
I became a widow at age 30 with four kids under 8.

Did I feel helpless? Yes.
Did I feel lost and alone? You bet.
Was I terrified and uncertain as to what my future held? Absolutely.

But I pulled myself up, and I told myself over and over again, “You CAN do this”. And I did.

When I started the wellness center my goal was to be the best. I wanted to be voted Rochester’s best wellness center, and seven months later, I accomplished that because I told myself over and over, “You CAN do this”.

By saying I CAN, you are empowering yourself to believe in your infinite capabilities.

This teeny tiny phrase, I CAN, is the basis of my motivational management system because it is that powerful. Let me explain what I mean.

Remember those 4 reasons why businesses fail? I am going to give you solutions for those right now in this acronym.


Initiate SELF CARE

One of the top reasons why businesses fail is owner burn out, we just can’t keep up with a more than a 40 hour work week. There has to be self care involved or else our bodies will slow us down so we can get back to balance. Our bodies are constantly striving for balance.

Self care is completely subjective and encompasses a huge array of activities. At some point every day you have to draw the line in the sand and say enough is enough and let the focus fall onto you.
Read a book.
Take a walk.
Watch a funny show or video.
Whatever makes you happy….DO IT.

CONNECT with Customers

Making connections all throughout your business is vital to it’s success.
Are you connected to your why?
Are you connected to your mission and message?
Are you connected to the work that needs to be done or is this more of a hobby for you?
Are you connected to your customer? How are you uniquely connecting to them?
We know that in order for a potential customer to purchase we need to touch them 7-12 to upwards of 20 times before they purchase, so what are you doing that helps you stand out? What are you doing that helps you be unique in the eyes of the buyer because that is a second reason why there are failed businesses….lack of unique connection.
2 out of 3 jobs that are created are created from small businesses. There is a lot of “competition” out there….the connection you make to your purpose, to your message and to your customers is what is going to help set you apart.


Anything that has ever grown has been because of automation.
It’s all about not reinventing the wheel every time you sit down to get some work done. Systems can be created and automated so you can spend more time be creative. Entrepreneurs are naturally creative people. Creative people need time to explore, research, experiment. Reinventing the wheel on vital business processes only drags us down and kills the vibe. Am I right? So having automated, regulated, formulated systems in place takes the guesswork out of that boring business stuff that turns out if we don’t pay attention to, we are then part of that 98%.
Daily you can ask yourself, is this task that I am doing something that I can automate? Something that I can create a repetitive task in my planner or on say Google task or TO DOist? Taking the time to create that system may seem daunting at first but once it is done…it is done. That time can now be allocated elsewhere in your business.


Do you know where you headed? Do you have that endgame in mind and all of the possible plays ready? I’m going to be honest…I am not a huge plan of business plans. I am more of an action plan kind of a girl, which is similar to business plans only there is more doing than projecting. But not having any plan is the same as sitting in the middle of the ocean watching the world go by. So what actions do you take each day that keep you on track, that keep you on the road that you are navigating as that pioneer? Remember as a pioneer you are doing this blind, you are the one creating the trail. So what are you doing to make sure you have the destination in sight?
Are you checking in with your goals?
Are you creating ways to build your business, your team, your network?
Are you checking with yourself to see if you have knowledge and skills to pursue a certain route or opportunity?
Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. This navigation skill will keep you focused and on target and out of the 98%.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Not having a clear direction of where to begin or what direction to go in is even harder. You CAN do this.

Implementing the I CAN Method into your daily business life will transform your confusion to connectivity, lead to you from dismay to direction and propel your day into productivity.