My ALMOST first WordPress CoWorking Day

I almost attending my first WordPress CoWorking Day today. (If you don’t know what WordPress is, you can find out more about it here. It basically powers 26% of all web sites.) The local WordPress group meets at my office, ROC City Wellness. I had planned to geek out with them all day, but office duties got the best of me. 

I was able to join them for lunch, however. It truly is a fantastic group.  I’m impressed with their diversity and how everyone worked cohesively. You have some people working on their personal business sites, and some working on multiple sites as their business.

I have recently become interested in WordPress and working on my own websites because, you see, my husband, Rob, has been working with WordPress since what feels like the beginning of time (really only since 2008). Also, one of my closest friends, Michelle, is a WordPress fanatic, and successfully brought the very first ever WordCamp in Rochester (#WCROC) on 10/15/16.

At the Rochester WordCamp and my very first WordCamp in Toronto (August 2016), I was blown away by how authentic, professional, and down-to-earth these people are.  Each expert that I have met has made the WordPress technology accessible and easy to understand. Even though I knew nothing about what I was doing! The WP people are gracious, welcoming and understanding.  They get it because they’ve been there.

The WordPress groups that I am now becoming part of have welcomed me wholeheartedly without judging my inexperience with the platform. I just can’t say enough about this community. If your business has a WordPress website then I strongly recommend that you reach out to your local WordPress group. It feels good to be part of a group that is very willing to help me grow as a business.fullsizerender

Going into today I knew I needed as much help as I could get to work on my WordPress site so I was sporting the socks that I received from at WordCamp Toronto. [WordCamps have super cool swag!]  

Brian Rotsztein in his keynote address for the 2016 Rochester WordCamp, talked about community, about giving back and about how working with WP people becomes a lifestyle (#wplife). I am seeing this more and more as I slowly immerse myself into the community. WordPress is an asset to not only your website and business but to you, because rarely do you find a group of technology-driven people where the experts in the field are so successful, real, and nonjudgmental.  

Thank you WordPress community!  I look forward to learning so much more…and actually being able to come to a meeting or two.


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