Your Daily 5 Must Dos to Create Unique Connections

[UPDATE: This post was originally published April of 2016, but the content is still super relevant.  I just tweaked it a bit for you today. You can find more about this very subject in my new book “Need More Time? I CAN Help!” Enjoy! ]

Creating lifelong customers in under 60 minutes a day.

Inspiring connections between you and new and current customers is essential to the life of your business. Loyal customers are created by establishing a solid and individualized connection from the start.

That is not news.

What is news however is how exhausting it is to create all of those connections.  There are so many ways to connect to a sea of potential customers and all of the experts suggest that you reach out to that proverbial customer sea daily. Like…EVERY day, because if you don’t, you may lose traction on your social media presence or your customer connectivity.  

Having an online presence is essential to longevity and validity of your business. The majority of consumers research businesses online first before they buy or connect with you.  They look at your website and your social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to see who you are, what you do and how authentic you really seem to be. So a question I want to ask you is:

How are you connecting to your potential customers and your current customers daily without feeling spent?”

It is hard NOT to feel spent. It is a lot to keep up with.  My good friend and business coach, Sheila Kennedy, reminds me all of the time that 60% of my time spent on my business should be spent marketing it.  That is a lot of time.  I want to be with my customers not my computer!

Not enough time.

I hear so often, even from my own clients that they “don’t do much” with social media. “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t want to be online all day”.  

My response(s)?

  1. If you want your business to grow you must have a social media presence.  The future is now…it is time to join in the fun.
  2. You don’t have to be online all day! All you need is 30-60 minutes a day.  MAX! You won’t be exhausted and you can spend the rest of the 60% in other ways…say with your customers, family or friends! Or even yourself!
  3. There are people out there that can help (like me) coach you through it.  

I have a family of 7, work full time and blog/work with clients, so I get the overwhelming feeling of having to do one more thing to stay on top of the game. But trust me, it is a game to play and I am going to give you the tips that I use that keep me in the game.  

What the customer wants is what they are going to get.

Before we look at the MUST DO To-Do’s, it is important to know the “wants of our customers”. Why bother doing anything if we don’t know what the customer wants? Knowing what our potential customers wants provides a roadmap to our task list. We can then focus our task list to meeting the needs of our desired audience which makes our time spent on creating connections more effective and efficient.  So here is what I know about customers in general:

  • Customers want to know about the people they do business with.
  • Customers want to see you as a real person with a real life – good and bad.
  • Customers want to know they are being listened to and being paid attention to.   
  • Customers want to know that you are relating to them.

As you can imagine with a large family (five children), working, blogging and even just living, I have to be organized. I would go insane if I wasn’t. So I am a HUGE fan of lists, especially recurring (automated) ones. I love my paper lists (I recycle I promise) and I love putting my lists into my bullet journal. [UPDATE: I have gone back to using paper calendars with a to do list section in them. I am super pumped about the switch and I ask that you look for a blog post or video about that coming real soon!] So my Daily to do list goes a little something like this:

Daily MUST DO To Do’s

Here are my MUST DO To Do’s that I work off of that work towards the wants of my customers and my potential new customers:

  1. Dole out a slice of authentic YOU.  Share a funny story, a testimonial and how much it means to you, a sweet moment that touched your heart or how you just dumped your coffee all over your piles of papers. If you take a picture of that last one, you will probably make even more connections.  
  2. Return those phone calls, texts, emails and social media messages. People want to rely on you. Reciprocate their gesture in a relatively quick time frame, typically 24 hours. They want to know you can “show up” and take care of them.
  3. Post something that is inspirational. If it inspires you it will inspire others.  People will be moved by your vulnerability and get to know what moves you a little better.  
  4. Share a morsel of information that speaks to your message and mission.  Let others get to know what you stand for and what you have to offer your ideal customers.
  5. Spend some time (not all day) on social media reaching out to others via comments, connection requests, etc.  This is not like returning messages but rather much more about networking and connecting with people virtually. Share your wisdom, answer questions on forums or introduce yourself to a suggested connection. Showing that you are all about collaboration and connection opens the doors for people to relate to you and get to “know, like and trust you”.

Making connections to create lasting relationships with your new and old customers does not have to take up your workday. Accomplishing these five MUST DO To Do’s and focusing on making connections in an authentic way will not only offer more opportunities for you to create lasting customer relationships but it will also free up more of that 60% marketing time that we talked about.  You will get to spend more time with your customers, your friends, your family and even you!

Let’s do this together!

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