Creating Actions that Match Your Values

aka figuring out how to kick ass in the new year!

In my blog, Value: Reimagining your resolutions, I talked about how creating actions that support your essential values will help create the change you seek. Resolutions are in theory good, but the execution rarely brings about the change we seek.

Let’s take a look at what values I picked for the new year instead of resolutions. Here is what 2018 will look like for me:

  • I value health, therefore I will create health within my life.
  • I value financial stability, therefore I will create opportunities that will contribute to financial stability.
  • I value time with my family and friends, therefore I will seek out and create opportunities to spend quality time with those that are important to me.
  • I value education, therefore I will read articles/books, attend classes and seminars, listen to podcasts that interest me.
  • I value spirituality, therefore I will engage in activities that will draw me closer to my core beliefs.
  • I value simplicity, therefore I will declutter, reduce and look for ways to have less chaos.

How did I come to decide upon these values? I realized about midway through the process I was making it too complicated. I was trying to figure out all of the right steps and the correct order of steps. It doesn’t have to be that difficult. It really is just figuring out what is important to you and then acting on it.

Here is the process I utilized:

  1. Write down randomly what is most important to you. It doesn’t have to be in any particular order…just write down all that matters to you and what you feel makes you a really great human. What makes you happy? What creates a satisfaction within you? This could be a list or in a mind map form. The items on your list do not need to be ranked in order. In fact it will be easier if you just let your thoughts freely come out and don’t put pressure on prioritizing what is important to you. Just let it flow. Here is an example of how my list turned out.

    1. Randomly write down what is important to you.
  2. Now, notice any similarities amongst the what you wrote down ? Group similar items based on the values behind them. For example:

    2. Group similar items together. I used a highlighter for easier recognition.
  3. Start to dig at what the core values are that show up in your list. Write those values down (still in no particular order).

    3. Group by values. Most of what is important will overlap into multiple values.
  4. Now you can begin to start creating actions that support those values. Here is what I came up with:
    1. I value health, therefore I will:
      1. Eat for nourishment
      2. Exercise to become strong and heart healthy
      3. Choose behaviors that will contribute to my overhealth health instead of inhibit it.
    2. I value financial stability, therefore I will:
      1. Create on opportunities where I can consistently earn an income
      2. Diversify my outreach to my target market
      3. Increase the number of speaking engagements I have this year
    3. I value time with my family and friends, therefore I will:
      1. Be more present when we are together
      2. Spend more one on one time with immediate family
      3. Be more thoughtful in my connection with all that I hold dear
      4. Create memories
      5. Stop sweating the small stuff – it all works out
    4. I value education, therefore I will:
      1. READ
      2. Listen to podcasts that interest me
      3. Attend seminars that interest me
      4. Take classes that interest me
      5. Explore, investigate and be curious!
    5. I value spirituality, therefore I will:
      1. Explore ways that connect me to my inner core beliefs
      2. Act on what I feel is right for me
    6. I value simplicity, therefore I will:
      1. Simplify my home
      2. Simplify my schedule
      3. Create a place for everything that sparks joy for me and donate the rest
      4. Only do what I expect of myself, now what others expect of me

That was nearly painful but I learned so much about myself throughout this process. I learned that I do many things that don’t fit my overall values. I do things that I feel obligated to do, that don’t contribute to my overall happiness or value. I am not a better person by doing these things, I am just avoiding confrontation most likely. Do you do the same things?

We don’t have to live like that. We can take ownership of our values and still be respected, loved and valued. What are you going to act on in the new year? What values will you be working on enriching in your own life?  Working through these 4 steps will steer you in successfully creating action that support your values so that you can feel accomplished and fulfilled in 2018. I look forward to hearing all about it.

Happy New Year to you!