Christine’s Friday Favorites

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FRIENDS! I am so pumped to share with you my top 3 favorite discoveries of the week. My goal for this series is to share useful, valuable information, tips and strategies such as apps, new places to eat, books I am reading, a recipe I tried or requests and suggestions from you! Please email me with any requests or suggestions of possible favorites that you would like me to share!

This week’s Friday’s Favorites

  1.  This week I am reading: The American Marriage  by Tayari Jones – you can find your copy HERE.  It’s pretty popular right now in book clubs and part of Oprah’s recommended Book Club series. I knew nothing about it but decided to dive right in. A book has to capture me within the first 3 pages or it will live on my nightstand for the next 4 years as I pretend to get through it. I have to tell you…it had me at hello. So far this story is so interesting and riveting. The writing is engaging and creates a hungry desire for more. I want to keep reading and can rarely put it down. My favorite line from the book is, “But home isn’t where you land, it’s where you launch.” I don’t think I could love that more. Get your copy today and then join me for a virtual book club on Sunday April 8th from 8:30pm to 10. Details will be on my social media and website soon!
  2.  This week I am doing yoga! Actually I have been using this particular video for a while now. My schedule doesn’t necessarily allow me to attend a class regularly and I needed a pick me up. I needed someone or something to understand me and understand what I needed out of an exercise routine. I am preparing my body (and mind) for surgery next week (just a simple meniscus tear repair) but still will be out for a few week – away from my normal schedule and work routine. The theory was to give my body as much strength and positive movement as possible beforehand so I could recover faster. Fingers crossed!  So for the last month or so I have be doing yoga in my living room (with the curtains closed for fear of judgement from my neighbors) to this most amazing video I found:  Yoga with Adriene – Yoga Morning Fresh.  Adriene has an entire library of videos she has made for nearly every situation you can think of and I absolutely adore her personality and her approach to practicing yoga. She is beyond authentic. I want to reach through the screen and hug her because I feel like I don’t need to have been practicing yoga for the last century to still get something out of her videos. If you want an amazing way to start your day, then I recommend this one for sure!
  3.  This week I am listening to: A new podcast called The Secret Room. People, if you like behind the scenes snipits, deep dark secrets or just bizarre stories from strangers lives, then this is a podcast for you. I discovered this gem this week and love it already. Telling stories that no one ever tells, is their claim to fame. If you have ever been a fan of Post Secret then you like this as well!

I hope your week was filled with amazing moments and interesting finds! I would love to hear about them. Comment below to share from your week. Take care!