Book Signing @ Create Art 4 Good Studio

I am thrilled to share with you that I have been invited to participate in a book signing at the Create Art 4 Good Studio in Rochester, New York. Thank you to Susan for having me!

Have you noticed when people are overwhelmed or frustrated they often say,

I wish someone had given me a manual for this!

Have YOU ever said,

I wish had more time!

At the event at Susan’s studio (#201) at the beautiful Hungerford Building on Main Street,  I will be talking about these things and more!

Here is the Facebook Event for additional information.

In my book “Need More Time? I CAN help – Turn Busy into Productive”, I talk about a motivational management system that I created to give myself and my clients a solid foundation that provides their business profitable boundaries, stability, client sustainability and direction.

Join me on Saturday, September 9th from 10-2 at the Create Art 4 Good Studios in Rochester, New York. Books will be available for sale the day of the book signing or you can preorder them HERE.  I am going to be offering an informative lecture on how to attain and maintain clients based on the principles in the book at 1pm. I am excited to share this time with you!