10 Ways to Take Care of Your Best Asset

What IS your best asset? Do you know?

Is it your home? Your car? Your bank account? Your investments? 

No. Nope. Negative and you are kind of getting warmer.

Your best asset is YOU! The best investment you could make is investing in YOURSELF.

Hopefully you know this by now…but I want to remind you that you rock my friend!  You were not born to be anonymous, you were born to make a difference, to do good…no, GREAT things and you were born to shine your light all over the land.

Okay that last part was a little hokey but it’s still true. You are here for a reason. My best guess is that you are working on finding out that reason as we speak/read or you have already found it and you are rocking it.  Either way…GREAT JOB! 

In order to be your best self and give your best to others in whatever capacity you choose to do, you must, must, must take care of yourself. That’s a no brainer right? Right! So why do we so often put ourselves last? Why do we not initiate self-care so that we can then care for others?

Great question! 

It comes down to worth. We don’t feel worthy to make ourselves a priority. We don’t feel deserving enough to treat our body, mind and spirit like the temple it is.

I get it.  I struggled with the same scenario growing up. My parents were both “serial servers”, never carving out time to serve themselves. I grew up thinking that taking time for myself was selfish, unnecessary and a waste of valuable “giving of yourself” time. Now before you start hating on my upbringing, my parents were awesome people. They would help anyone out anywhere, anytime. The problem was they never took the time to help themselves. That led to a host of health issues, chronic diseases, depression and the need to constantly do bigger, better and more serving.

It doesn’t have to be like that. We can still serve others, AFTER we take care of ourselves. In fact, we will be able to be bigger, be better and do more after our cup is full. Remember that cliche you can’t pour from an empty cup…still true. In fact here is a visual reminder.



In my blog last week, I talked about my motivational management system called the I CAN principle.  [Thank you for your great response to it!  I really appreciate the feedback.]  I wanted to talk a bit more about the self care aspect this week and talk about how you can create balance in your life by setting yourself as a priority…if you don’t take care of you…no one will. How will you be able to serve others? Be creative? Give your best speech or rock out that project you have to make for a client?

There are TONS of ways to create self care in your life (just look at my Pinterest Board HERE on Self-Care), but the ones below are the ones I stick to and that work!  


10 Ways to Take Care of Your Best Asset:

  1. Schedule your time (work vs. personal).  It’s very easy to get the two mixed up.  Make sure when you are at work you’re working.  When you are at home, do your best not to work. When you are in constant battle as to what to focus your time and attention to, it only leaves you with disorganization, frustration and crappy self-defeating feelings. So just stop that right now!
  2. Move every day. Movement of any kind, big or small, is fantastic and encouraged. Walk, meditate, stretch, run, bike, do weight training…whatever works for you. But do it!  Daily.
  3. Set boundaries. You have to recognize when to say uncle. Know your limits and set clear boundaries around them. If you continue to cross those boundaries, don’t be mad at others who do the same towards you.
  4. Plan a ME Day. AKA play hookie. Everyone…and I do mean everyone needs to capture some time that is otherwise devoted to work and use it for their personal use. It’s refreshing. It’s silly. It’s fun and since life can be way too serious sometimes…taking a ME Day is just the ticket.
  5. Nourish your body – water and food. There is SOOO MUUUUCH information out nowadays about nutrition and what to feed your body. I am NOT a nutritionist but I do know that when I feed my body crap, I feel like crap. When I nourish my body with healthier foods, I feel unstoppable. 
  6. Stay off Social Media. Time on Social Media does NOT equal self care time. If anything, it can be classified as research and development and even that is a stretch sometimes.
  7. Quiet your mind. See above. Just kidding..well not really. I’m going to share something with you that is going to be earth shattering. READY? Brace yourself. I had to learn this and when I did it was a game changer…so I am excited to share. It is okay, like really okay to not be planning, or doing, or working, or thinking every second of the day. Whoa…I will give you a minute to take that in. 60, 59, 58, 57…okay…what I am saying is that it is beneficial to our brains if we power them down for a little bit. Here is a very interesting article about this very subject.  Even starting out with 5-10 minutes a day will make a difference in your productivity and will create a clearer mindset.
  8. Socialize. Be silly, laugh, and DON’T (or try really hard not to) talk about work ALL of the time. Celebrate you as a whole person not the professional things that make you up. That human connection – especially when it is a positive social experience does wonders to fill up our cup!
  9. Receive bodywork. Unless you are innately in tune with every muscle fiber in your being and can therefore adjust accordingly, you will need bodywork.  Acupuncture, massage therapy, any modality that you prefer..will help you, your body and your mind.  It helps reset your body. Once a month appointments are a fantastic start! 
  10. Practice Gratitude. When you call attention in gratitude to situations that perhaps haven’t been what you expected or how you envisioned but you are still grateful for them you are setting  yourself up for success. Next time it happens…instead of being “omg this always happens to me” and inflicting another layer of useless burden on yourself…you are in fact changing the synapses in your brain to attach this experience to a success…and therefore will remember it as an avenue of success…an option for victory.

Whatever you choose to do make sure that it WORKS FOR YOU! Self care is not self care if you are making others happy first. You are worthy to have time for you, so that you can be a better person for your life and your business. I would love to hear what works for you! Share with me in the comments the ways you take care of yourself!  Be well!